Book Review of Neha Nayak Novel :  Breaking Free  by Rajiv Bakshi Author 

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Ever since I published my first Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara in March 2015 where so many Bloggers who follow me reviewed my Book , I also thought that it’s my duty to Review book of a fellow Author Neha Nayak . I have never ever met her , but what I know a little about her is that she is a young talented girl in her twenties who is a dreamer from her looks & also more from her maiden work .

The Book : Breaking Free is an interesting read . It’s a story of two people on their #Journey . The main characters are Ranbir ( a common name ) & Noya ( an unusual and not so common name in the part of country where I stay ) . These people keep on bunking into each other at number of times…

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Story of a retired man: An interview

Another interview . First it was Parul ( Happiness & Food ) , Dheeraj , Nividita ( Bhaatdaal ) , Saddiqa Haq ( Writer from the East , Karachi ) & now Swapnil . I am yet to meet any of these amazing Bloggers . My Book getting a market by you all being part of my #Journey .


Tadaaa! It’s Friday and as promised I present to you Mr. Rajiv Bakshi author of ‘Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara’. His story can be of your dad, your uncle, your grand dad or the uncle next door but one thing is for sure that he is an inspiration. I mean to inspire, you just don’t need to be on mount everest, go scuba diving or work in charity homes but also don’t you think any simple positive change in approach can inspire people to bring that positive change in themselves and making their lives better?  At 64 he has written a book, retired gracefully, highly active on social media promoting his book. His zeal and enthusiasm is just like any other first time author irrespective of his age. What it is to be a man like him? Well Let’s hear his story from him only.

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I fell in love… gradually!


Well can you fall for a book? A book which is so ‘old school’ yet so fresh! A book which is just not one story but a collection of stories which covers the ages of Nokia 3310 phones, Tulsi -Mihir Saga (yeah! the young Smriti Irani), Samjhauta Express (okay, Cool!) and lot more! Yes I am totally in love with “Journey from Guwahati to Macchiwara” written by Rajiv Bakshi.

There are love stories across borders (actually, between arch enemies!), hubby-wify lovey shovey stuffs, siblings and what not! All those topics which are just part of our daily lives and the stories which would love to read as a family and share the similarities .

The story begins from Guwahati where the author starts working in a bank as 24 year old hunk ( well, this was not what cool dudes were referred those days…but still!) . It is actually the…

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