I fell in love… gradually!


Well can you fall for a book? A book which is so ‘old school’ yet so fresh! A book which is just not one story but a collection of stories which covers the ages of Nokia 3310 phones, Tulsi -Mihir Saga (yeah! the young Smriti Irani), Samjhauta Express (okay, Cool!) and lot more! Yes I am totally in love with “Journey from Guwahati to Macchiwara” written by Rajiv Bakshi.

There are love stories across borders (actually, between arch enemies!), hubby-wify lovey shovey stuffs, siblings and what not! All those topics which are just part of our daily lives and the stories which would love to read as a family and share the similarities .

The story begins from Guwahati where the author starts working in a bank as 24 year old hunk ( well, this was not what cool dudes were referred those days…but still!) . It is actually the…

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