Story of a retired man: An interview

Another interview . First it was Parul ( Happiness & Food ) , Dheeraj , Nividita ( Bhaatdaal ) , Saddiqa Haq ( Writer from the East , Karachi ) & now Swapnil . I am yet to meet any of these amazing Bloggers . My Book getting a market by you all being part of my #Journey .


Tadaaa! It’s Friday and as promised I present to you Mr. Rajiv Bakshi author of ‘Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara’. His story can be of your dad, your uncle, your grand dad or the uncle next door but one thing is for sure that he is an inspiration. I mean to inspire, you just don’t need to be on mount everest, go scuba diving or work in charity homes but also don’t you think any simple positive change in approach can inspire people to bring that positive change in themselves and making their lives better?  At 64 he has written a book, retired gracefully, highly active on social media promoting his book. His zeal and enthusiasm is just like any other first time author irrespective of his age. What it is to be a man like him? Well Let’s hear his story from him only.

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5 thoughts on “Story of a retired man: An interview”

    1. Good that you liked my interview . I read your Blog without fail . But sometimes I don’t comment purposely , as I don’t want to embroil with a controversy with your followers.

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      1. Controversy shouldn’t stop you from voicing your thoughts there. I am very happy to know that your an avid reader, the summer is coming and this time in August I will write more on partition and India-Pakistan topic 🙂

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    1. Thanks for liking the interview . Hope you get a chance to read my Book in the comforts of your home or in a library . Which is your country please ?


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