Book Review : Bonds of Freedom by Shalini Keswani

Ever since I published my first Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara 3 years back , I try  to read mostly the new Authors .

I got a chance to read Bonds of Freedom by Shalini Keswani . I borrowed the book from a library in USA . The size of book : 400 pages told me that it will be a tough job to complete , keeping in mind my hectic schedule of work & my commitment to write for newspapers & magazines .

But I did complete the book in less than a weeks time & I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book :

A story of love & ambition set around the creation of a dream school in the Little Red Dot of Asia , Singapore .

The story has 3 main characters : Shekharan  & Angela . I will not name the third character . But the number of other characters in the novel are more than 20 if we count  them . I tried counting the characters but always  skipped the full list . But I do remember the name of Naveen , husband of the Author who stays in Malaysia .

The book is divided into various sections & there are 82 short incidents ( stories ) . All of these are related to each other .

Highlight of the book : Story line . Book has both prose & poetry in it .

Tactical Details : Cover page , font size & quality of printing of book : Thums Up

Overall verdict : A Good Read : 4 Stars

Book available from Notion Press , Amazon

ISBN code : 978-1-64249-532-4