The Great Adventures of Ally & Albert by Vaimitra Chandrasehar

Ever since I published my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhwara in 2015 :I try to read mostly the new Authors . 

I came across this Book in one of the libraries in USA . I was eager to read this book as the Book has been penned by an eight year old Author from Chennai .

The book has 18 small stories . I completed the Book in one sitting & thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy stories .

Highlight of Book : Simple narration & stories for kids .

Stories I liked :

1 : The mystery of the toothpaste on the wall

2 : The ” silly ” challenge

Tactical detail : Cover page , font size & quality of printing of book ; Thums Up

Overall verdict : A Good Read : 4 Stars

Book available from Notion Press , Amazon

ISBN Code : 978-1-948352-06-2