Review of Book :Samvednayein by Dr Avinish Singhal

I got the chance to read this book on poetry while in a Library in USA . 

Book has been penned down by an Author from Chaatisgarh ,   who is a Doctor too having varied interest in different fields of life like social service , carrom board , volleyball .

Book is written in Hindi & has 77 poems . Some of the poems are penned down in 3 pages , and a few of them even in 2 lines .

I liked his small poems penned down between 2 & 5 lines .

The poems convey the emotions of 48 year old author who has penned down his first book like me .

In the preface of the Book , the Author has used the word ‘ Havan ‘ in the context of gratitude to the persons who helped him in penning this book of 83 pages .

Poems I liked :

1 Poem number 75 : named Kala .( 2 liner )  This aptly expresses the attitude of the poet .

2 Poem number 12 : Junoon ( 6 liner ) . It describes the feelings of poet why he wrote this book .

Cover Pic , font of Book : Thums Up

ISBN code : 978-1-948146-51-7

Book available from Notion Press , Amazon

Over all impression : A good read 4/5

Rajiv Bakshi

Author : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara