Author Rajiv Bakshi

Bio: Author of Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Book is now in 19 countries , 175 libraries in India , 14 libraries in Usa

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24 thoughts on “About”

      1. Very kind of You, my Dear Rajiv! I generally love to read, and have a library with more than a thousand books. But am NOT getting Any time to read now. It is sad. …All the Best to You. πŸ™‚

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      1. My Dear Rajiv, to be honest, I have not (been able to) read Your book. My first problem is ‘Time!’ …I had congratulated You on having written and published it. Wish You More success. Hearty Regards. πŸ™‚


      2. I have only one novel, very muc in the writing. Though I have found that people Like my talks, (there are severe critics too!), all my writing has been limited to the internet. So, nothing ‘published.’ As such, You, having Your Book entering not one but Three libraries in the US, definitely have my Admiration. Hearty Regards. πŸ™‚

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