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The Kiss of Life



Book review of Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara by Rajiv Bakshi.

The world of feelings.

The book Journey from Guwhati to Machhiwara is really a very interesting book which drove me to read the book in one go. The short stories by Mr Rajiv Bakshi sir, are written in such a manner that it arouses interest in readers and especially the chapters ‘The last ride together and My encounter with the wasps are worth reading. Overall the book is very interesting.

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Book Review of Pleasant and Not So Pleasant of my First U.S Visit by D S Banti

First impression is the last impression . I was impressed by the Title of book & more so by the fact that Mr  Banati  is a first time Author like me & wrote his first book at age of 71 . 

Highlights of Book : The Author has divided the book in 24 chapters & he shares the experiences of his three visits to Usa 🇺🇸: both pleasant & not so pleasant ones . I finished the book in three sittings . The book has been written in simple English . The book also serves as a travel 🧳 guide for those who would like to go to Usa 🇺🇸 as a tourist . 

Cover page of book : Thums Up 

The chapters  I liked most : 

1 First call for Boarding & the Wife goes missing 

2 Old TV sold for an Italian Dinner 🥘 

3 Bye 👋 Bye Detroit , Welcome 🙏 Delhi 

What could have been better : If a few chapters were made to be a story , it would have added more charm to the book . 

ISBN code : 978-1-64429-682-0 . Book available from Notion Press , Amazon , Flipkart . 

Overall Rating : 4 / 5

Thanks Mr D S Banati , for putting my name in the acknowledgement  in your book . 

Best Wishes , 

Rajiv Bakshi 


Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara 


Book Review : My Heart Belongs to you By :Priti Chaubey & Srishti Srivastava Singh

The recent Book I grabbed was via Twitter  . I chanced to look at the profile of Priti Chaubey & her book . What impressed me most at the first instance was the name of the Book . Book has been penned by two besties : Priti Chaubey & Srishti Srivastava  Singh , both of them are from Lucknow .

Both the Authors are MBA in HR & both of them are Bloggers .

Cover Pic of Book : Thums Up .


Plot : The pace of story is fast . I completed the book in 3 days . Book has 22 chapters & comprises 88 pages . The story is of Rakul , Rishank , Aniket , Riddhi . It looks the story is enacted in a college hostel . The emotions ( negative & positive ) of the characters have been portrayed in a nice manner . One starts loving a few characters & some times one starts hating a few characters .

Over all verdict : A good read 4 / 5

ISBN code -10 : 93-81791-67-8

Book available from APK Publishers , Amazon .

Wishing All the Best for future writing ✍️

Rajiv Bakshi


Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara

Book Review of The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura by Anuradha Singh

The first time I got to know about this book was when I was in Chicago , Usa . I suggested this Book in a library in Usa . Since the Book had good Reviews , the library ordered a copy of the Book on my Recommendation . But it took more than usual time to be on the shelves of the library . 

I ordered the Book when I was back in India & it took me no more than 4 sittings to complete this book of 184 pages divided in 22 chapters .

The Author Anuradha Singh is wife of an Army Officer 👮‍♀️. She is a Post Graduate in English & has worked as a teacher for more than 18 years in various Army schools spread all over the country .

Cover Pic of Book : Thums Up . It beautifully conveys the ‘ Pind ‘ life so vividly described in the book

Font of Book : Good . There was some confusion when reading the Hindi words used in the Book .

ISBN code : 978-1-64324-049-7

Book available from Notion Press , Amazon , Flipkart .

Highlight of book : The way the character of Ira develops in the Book . She is projected as a very strong woman . She too is a passionate teacher & an Army Officer wife . I could see a few traits of the Author in Ira . Hamza is a peculiar name & she is also depicted in a devilish way like Tau , who too is a Devil personified .

Over all Rating : 5/5

A good read .

Best Wishes for your new projects ,

Rajiv Bakshi


Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara