Contest Result

So, finally we have the result of the contest. The writing contest I organized a few months back. So…

The first place- Rajiv Bakshi

I would say that you visit his wonderful blog. He is the author of the book “Journey from Guhwati to Machhiwara.” Here is his entry which bagged the first place.

Hitting below the belt

I had been told innumerable times by my better half, not to indulge in something foolish, like spending my hard-earned provident fund on publishing a book after retirement. I ignored her advice. Three years after I retired from a bank, I published my first book of short stories. I paid a considerable amount of money to a blogger who helped me with editing. Since it was my first book, no publisher was keen to publish it, and I had to dish out nearly two month of my pension to get it…

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Pakistan vs. India Match: Arch Rivals of Cricket World

The Human Lens

Sub continental Cricket Mania!!!            Sub continental Cricket Mania!!!

The world of cricket sports has seen greatest historical moments since decades, but nothing holds most significant then the simple fact that cricket is not just a game when boys in blue clash with those in green, for Indian and Pakistani nation this is serious combat. This Indo-Pak rivalry  surpasses that of the Aussies versus England. Honestly speaking, cricket fanaticism in the post 1947 scenario is a mix of revisiting our shared bitter partition history and the present fragile relationship of the nuclear armed states that went to war several times.

In the backdrop of completely out of control drama of our people on both sides of the borders, the cricketers are immensely aware that whatever happens on the “cricket field” is bound to either give births to legends or end careers. There is no middle ground because one’s win means…

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