Share your “Trouble” Stories… and win a surprise gift!


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Hey!! Time for some fun and games to keep the celebrations of the Trouble has a New Name release going…

Rayna Dutt, protagonist of Trouble Has A New Name, believes that Trouble always comes gift-wrapped in large size packs when you least expect it to!

What’s your take on it? Haven’t we all gone through those “troubled” moments when we just wished the earth would swallow us up?

So, here’s a dare: share your story and one lucky commenter will get a surprise gift from me! Any takers? You can post your comment here or at my Facebook page

Post away! 🙂

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It’s my third visit to USA . First was in 2008 , then 2012 and now in 2014. I was under the impression that Americans must be knowing more about India than we know about their country. It was 4 th July . I was in the park near my apartment . American people had gathered early in the park to celebrate their Independence Day .
Casually I asked one of the American
1 If he knew what was the Capital of India
2 Prime Minister of India
3 President of India
4 Casually asked about God of Cricket : SACHIN Tendulkar
5 Sharukh Khan , the Actor
6 Amitabh Bachan
All my simple questions drew a Blank .
I was not talking to school students .
But to mature people .
When I told that I knew about
OBAMA , his wife name , name of their children , popular American actors and actresses . They were really amazed.
When I asked them that why they know nothing about India and I know so much about their country : their answer was that USA is a powerful country and number 1 .

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