Depression Versus Ego

I get hundreds of Good Morning messages on my WhatsApp groups. Some of the Groups I have deliberately deleted because of the Ting Ting tone which becomes unbearable sometimes. Sleeping at dead of night you get messages from Groups, members who are based in Australia, USA & Canada.
But the message I received today from a Fauji brethren has really touched me. There is comparison between two types of life. Every one in this world must have passed through these phases in one’s life either at the beginning of their career or in the Middle Ages or at some other stage in their life.
Shakespeare was one whom I studied in my tenth standard in Sainik School Kapurthala ( Hamlet may be ) , then it was Julius Caesar in my graduation ( not sure about the title ) . But one movie which I remembered vividly is Romeo & Juliet which I saw on the day I landed in Guwahati in my first job at Guwahati way back in 1976. This love story forms a part of my Journey in writing my first Book on short stories: Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara which has been Reviewed by a blogger Parul of Bangalore.
Depression is one stage of life from which we must come out. Otherwise the depression will affect your heart. But during depression we should see that it does not affect our mental attitude. A person should never be very happy nor very sad. This equanimity in life will help him or her in life to face the Seven Stages in Life so beautifully portrayed by the Bard William Shakespeare.
Ego is another evil which we must avoid . If a person has a lot of power may be political, financial, or in the job, he tends to downgrade other people may be his good friends or relatives. I may be wrong in my assessment but from the facts which one comes across while meeting so many different type of people in Life’s Journey , I corroborate this fact whether you like it or not. One must avoid ego in every stage of life. More the humble , more is the chance that the person will make a mark in his life’s journey.
I still remember the scene from evergreen movie Waqt, where the father dreams of making his children so high and immediately everything falls to the ground with earthquake.

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