EQUATING the Equations of INSANITY : A Book Review by Rajiv Bakshi 

  • I just published my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . And I never knew that some one by the name of Mr Durgesh Satpathy will send me a signed copy of his book to get it reviewed from me . It is indeed a great honour for me to review a Book of a fellow Author . A few months back I had got my Book reviewed by Blogger Parul of Bangalore and now it was my turn to Review my first Book . 
  • It’s a small Book of 105 pages divided into 16  chapters . If you are looking for some tragedies , comedies , wit or humour , then this Book is not for you . You will not find this sort of stuff in this highly philosophical book . This Book is a Journey from Grief to Victory .The book is a perfect one for those who like to read the heavy stuff. The Book tells us the stories of a small kid who was humiliated by her step father , some stories where the women suffered and contemplated suicide . The Book traces the Journey  of  a women who was once on the verge of suicide  & was  leading a negative life . Durgesh makes the stories where the women now lead a normal life . 
  • What could have been better? 
  • Since its first Book of Satpathy ,a more proof reading would have made the book a better one . There are some grammatical mistakes which could have been avoided . I really liked the preface of the Book , where the Author says that when he rides his bike on his own ; he rides at 80 KMPH , when he is with his better half it is 60 KMPH and when the Author is with his Mom , he drives at a slow speed of 50 KMPH . The Indian Readers will be able to identify with these examples more than the Readers from abroad . THUMS UP!!! 
  • Tactical details : Cover pic of Book is good and it suits with the mood of the Book . 
  • Overall Verdict : Good . The book needs a lot of concentration to read . One needs a calm atmosphere with no sound of TV or music to disturb you when you read the Book . You will like the Book more when you read the Book second time . 
  • Book  Details : EQUATING THE Equations of  INSANITY 
  • Genre : Equations of the mind 

  1. Publisher : Partridge  India 

  • Publication year : 2015 
  • Number of pages : 105 
  • Price : 299 INR